CONSULTING magazine names EXCEL for 2nd time in a row the #1
provider of the Federal Government of Mexico in the administrative area.


Asesoria legal

Legal Advising

EXCEL CONSULTANTS offers the following Legal Advisory Services:

  • Constitutional Control
  • Fiscal Defense
  • Corporate Advisory

  • Impuestos y planeacion fiscal

    Taxation and Tax Planning

    EXCEL CONSULTANTS offers the following Taxes and Fiscal Planning Services:

  • Fiscal Advisory and Consulting
  • Fiscal Structures Design
  • asesoria financiera y litigio

    Financial Advising and Litigation

    EXCEL CONSULTANTS offers the following Financial Advisory and Litigation Services:

  • International Financial Litigation
  • Consulting and Financial Institution Authorization Management
  • Financial Advisory
  • auditoria


    EXCEL CONSULTANTS offers the following Auditing Services

  • Financial statement auditing for fiscal purposes
  • Revision and design of internal control systems
  • Revisions of specific items in financial statements
  • Limited revision of financial statements for intermediate dates
  • Report emission for fiscal purposes
  • Corporate governance
  • Accounting advisory
  • asesoria y planeacion fiscal a gobiernos y municipios

    Counseling and Tax Planning for Governments and Municipalities

    EXCEL CONSULTANTS offers the following Fiscal Advisory Services
    and Planning for Governments and Municipalities:

  • Education trusts
  • Income securitization
  • Ecological mineralization of waste
  • Life insurance for driver licenses
  • FONDEN (National Disaster Fund)
  • Solid waste treatment etc.
  • recursos humanos

    Human Resources

    EXCEL CONSULTANTS offers the following services in Human Resources:

  • Recruitment and personnel selection
  • Consulting, human resources project implementation and execution
  • Temporary and fixed personnel (Outsourcing)
  • Performance evaluations
  • Psychometric studies
  • Specialized services