CONSULTING magazine names EXCEL for 2nd time in a row the #1
provider of the Federal Government of Mexico in the administrative area.
EXCEL CONSULTORES is committed to society and supports
various associations and elite athletes.



Pilot Ricardo González will compete for 1st time in the 24 hours of Le Mans, one of the most important sporting events in the world, this June 16-17 with the British team Greaves Motorsport. His car #41 prototype of the LM P2 category sponsored is by EXCEL CONSULTORES. For Gonzalez, to compete in this historic event is a dream made reality, since it has just been 2 years from his return to the tracks after being retired from racing. "With my participation in 24 hours it means I have reached a goal that I've had since I started racing go-karts at the age of 12." Without a doubt it is the most important race in the world. "This year we will have the advantage that our team won the race last year and that they have a lot of experience and talent." Gonzales has become one of the most successful Mexican pilots at international level.

EXCEL CONSULTORES is given the recognition of Socially Responsible Company

Last March 13th, the recognition ceremony for 688 enterprises of the country was carried out, payable to The Most Distinctive Company That Was Socially Responsible in the 2012 by the Mexican Center of Philanthropy (CEMEFI).

EXCEL CONSULTORES is new of these committed companies that today can hold this seal that gives a great moral value to the Group and all its companies. Eng. Gerardo Rejón, as President and founder of the company had the honor to receive the statuette.

RUTAS PARA LA HUMANIDAD Accessible inaugurate Corners

In the garden Hidalgo Coyoacan historic center, the mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, led the ceremony symbolic of the "Rutas de la Humanidad", driven by our realities civil partnership led by Ing. Gerardo Rejón and financially supported by GNP Seguros. In order to provide transit improvements for people with disabilities, the Federal District Government (GDF) opened 336 accessible corners, non-slip concrete ramps, which will allow up and down the sidewalks safely.

In order to provide transit improvements for people with disabilities, the Federal District Government (GDF) opened 336 corners available: non-slip concrete ramps, which will allow up and down the sidewalks safely.

EXCEL RACING TEAM American Le Mans Series Champion

Ricardo González closed the championship in the LMPC category of the American Le Mans Series by finishing third in the Petit Le Mans. After an intense race in which car #06 EXCEL went from being in first place, to last, and back to third, the Mexican driver and his team-member Gunnar Jeannette had to wait until the last lap of the race to decide who would be the winner.

The championship is the first for the driver in the American Le Mans Series and he takes it in his first complete season of the series. It was a successful year in which car #06 EXCEL achieved two victories, three pole positions and six podiums in 9 races.

EXCEL CONSULTORES with NUESTRAS REALIDADES Accessible inaugurate Corners

"Nuestras Realidades", Ing. Gerardo Rejón, after inaugurating this Tuesday, September 27th three "Accessible Corners" with the Director of the Miguel Hidalgo Delegation, Demetrio Sodi on the streets of the Tlaxpana neighborhood, financed by various companies, stated that very soon this social organization would inaugurate another 336 accessible corners in the 16 delegations of the Federal District, of which 54 will be in the Miguel Hidalgo Delegation

EXCEL CONSULTORES unites with Corazoles en Puebla

EXCEL CONSULTORES in proud to form part of Corazoles en Puebla, an altruistic campaign created by Alkimia Marketing Group in benefit of Casa del Sol. 60 companies united with 60 artist in the creation of an impressive collection. Among these artists are:

  • José Lazcarro
  • Soid Pastrana
  • Germán Montalvo
  • Marcela Cadena
  • Luca Bray
  • Eugenia Marcos

In order to help Casa del Sol and its beloved children.



Alimentemos México | For a nation without hunger | Participating in the creation of a better life by directly combating malnutrition in the most vulnerable population of our country.


Casa del Sol is a group home dedicated to helping children between the ages of 0 and 8 in vulnerable situations develop their maximum potential, reintegrating them into family life and society through adoption.


The Fundation Pasos que dejan Huella is a non-profit organization started by Josafet González who has experienced amputation and understands what it means and the obstacles that present themselves for a lack of information, moral support, discrimination, lack of awareness, among others.


Nuestras Realidades A.C. | Non-profit civil organization that promotes real change in Mexico by means of continuous work and based on equality, respect, solidarity, courtesy, communication and responsibility toward minorities that suffer from social, education, economic or cultural exclusion.


Rutas para la Humanidad
| For a Mexico in wich everyone can move.|
Seeking the full integration of the person with disabilities in his environment by promoting accessibility standards and attitudes that promote respect for rights and a better quality of life.


Ricardo comes from a family of drivers. The 33 years old driver is father to four and lives with his family in Mexico City.
Ricardo successfully returned to the tracks in 2010, after 7 years of inactivity, taking a podium in his debut in the American Le Mans Series in the 12 Hours of Sebring and achieving three pole positions and three more podiums in the LMPC category the same year. Ricardo returned in 2011 to the ALMS with Core Autosport as the favorite to win the championship in the LMPC category.


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